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I subconsciously remember a meeting
when all I could see was you sparkling,
a time when I did not exist, but I was,
indeed, dissolved in something I cannot surpass,
something called Light.

And my heart still can remember
that moment that in fact never happened,
and in this confusion I melt in ember
so maybe this future, so tender,
can occur in a way I never suspected.

I don't know you yet,
and I madly want to meet you,
this thing keeps me frightened
'cause I only know loneliness;
a wish that maybe won't come true.

So now I call you, I summon you
from all times, I beg you
embrace me again in this your past,
in my present through the spell I cast
if times allows you to.

Whoever you are, the one I'll love,
please don't get mad at me,
I'm not bewitching you,
I'll become a white dove,
A spirit to free us in eternity

… through immortality.


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